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Threads* releases ARVO

Culture Recordings are thrilled to reveal ARVO, the second musical piece from composer and musician Threads* released 21st August 2020.

ARVO is an unsettling tone poem visualising an industrial future set in the past of a GPO documentary, owing as much to the vision of filmmakers Humphrey Jennings and Basil Wright as it does to the minimalist compositions of its namesake, Arvo Pärt.

Threads* epic debut 2019 release, GrafikTrafik, was bloated with sawtooth synth and distorted cowbell, yet remains a solid shell nurturing a fragile core and was accompanied by a mesmerizing video directed by Jamie Isbell and featuring dancer Elouise Sheldon, and marked Threads* coming out into the world, albeit with their face covered.

We hope Threads* plans to release more music in the near future but our guess is as good as yours – all we can do is wait expectantly for the next blank jiffy bag to land on our doormat…..