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Culture Recordings releases the Soundscape Poetry Project

Pairing spoken word poetry with bespoke audio environments The Soundscape Poetry Project showcases thirteen exhilarating new performances. Through collaborations with poets, musicians and producers, this ground-breaking album pushes the boundaries of how poetry can be experienced and sets a new standard for the future of recorded spoken word. 

The project features work by five of the UK’s most innovative and exciting poets: Rachael Boast, Kirsten IrvingSafiya Kamaria KinshasaMalaika Kegode (performing with Jakabol) and Tim Turnbull

The album is available alongside two limited-edition artists’ books that chart the story of the project through personal photographs, original artwork provided by Wotadot, and all thirteen poems laid out in their printed form. A special limited-edition 12” of The Soundscape Poetry Project pressed to green, numbered vinyl will be available for pre-order.

‘It’s thrilling to be engaged in a venture which takes such a unique and innovative approach to collaboration between poets and musicians’ – Rachael Boast