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Threads* biography

Threads* is the sound of new rivers and old roads
Threads* is the question to all your answers
Threads* is a liar

This is how we were introduced to the composer and musician Threads* in early 2019 via an obscure Reddit moniker and they have maintained their anonymity ever since, preferring to represent themself with abstract imagery and impenetrable language. Indeed, the anxiety of anonymity and the impact of technology in a digital age are two themes Threads* cites in the creation of their beats-heavy, alternative electronic sound. 

Released on 21.08.20, ARVO is an unsettling tone poem visualising an industrial future set in the past of a GPO documentary, owing as much to the vision of filmmakers Humphrey Jennings and Basil Wright as it does to the minimalist compositions of its namesake, Arvo Pärt.

Threads* epic debut 2019 release, GrafikTrafik, was bloated with sawtooth synth and distorted cowbell, yet remains a solid shell nurturing a fragile core and was accompanied by a mesmerizing video directed by Jamie Isbell and featuring dancer Elouise Sheldon, and marked Threads* coming out into the world, albeit with their face covered.

Threads* plans to release further tracks in the near future.