Rachael Boast

Rachael Boast biography

Rachael Boast is a celebrated poet and accomplished editor. She has published three collections; Sidereal (Picador 2011), Pilgrim’s Flower (Picador 2013) and most recently Void Studies (Picador 2016), which was nominated for the T.S. Eliot prize. Her work has appeared in numerous magazines including; Poetry Ireland Review, Poetry London and The Scores. She is co-editor of The Echoing Gallery: Bristol Poets and Art in the City (Redcliffe Press 2013) and The Caught Habits of Language: An Entertainment for W.S. Graham for Him Having Reached One Hundred (Donut Press, 2018).

We are excited to announce that Rachael will be contributing to The Soundscape Poetry Project – to be released by Culture Recordings later this year.

On being part of The Soundscape Poetry Project:
‘I am delighted to support a venture which takes such a unique and innovative approach to collaboration between poets and musicians…I view this project as one which demonstrates great initiative, and consider it to be a significant contribution to the spoken word poetry scene in England.’


Illustration by Clifford Harper/agraphia.co.uk

Whistler’s Nocturne in Blue and Silver. Credit: Tate Britain