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We are Culture Recordings. We collaborate with musicians and poets to create, record, produce and develop new music & spoken word poetry

Culture Recordings was formed towards the beginning of 2016 as a collaboration between three musicians and rookie producers with the aim of discovering and recording music that made them happy. 

Our ‘label’/‘production house’/‘fun art project’ builds on our experiences of writing and performing in bands and managing club nights in London. We have honed our craft through many lost years of recording and producing music for ourselves and with others, as well as working with leading US and UK producers.

Our obsessions with sound, music and spoken word are myriad. We *heart* folk, (odd)pop, psychedelic, outsider house and electro from throughout the ages, sestinas, forgotten tapes, broken synths, found sound, stanzas, the form of melody and the structure of rhythm. Expanding from a classic repertoire of instrumentation, including soaring string arrangements, our productions have included soothing rain, toothedge saws, glass-fragile harmonies, bird song and pulsing arps.

We thrive on working with exciting new artists to craft recordings which showcase their raw talent while elevating production to professional levels. We do this by sympathetically designing acoustic or electronic sound to complement and enhance the compositions.

We believe that sound, music and spoken word poetry should be supported by credible and exciting visual art, so we work with collaborators to make this happen. We are gradually building a family of like-minded photographers, designers, film makers and friends who don’t mind helping out when they least expect to be called up.

We aim to create an experience and environment where artists are valued for their talent and dedication, rather than merely credited for their work.